Historical Notes


The name is given to this sheltered valley of the River Stinchar. It gets its name from the time when wild horses roamed the surrounding hills and came down for shelter to give birth to their young. Laggan being a holm, Sarroch being a young horse.

Laggansarroch Farm


John Snell Memorial

John Snell was born at Almont in 1629 near where this memorial was erected by public subscription in 1915. he died at Oxford in 1679. His benefactors are students of ‘proven ability’ from Glasgow University who, by his scholarship, are able to continue their studies at Balliol College, Oxford. See more here…

Snell monument


Glake Stane

This stone dates back to 4000 BC and is in a direct line with Knockdolian Hill and Ireland. Settlers from Ireland coming to this part of the country were able to tell the time and season by the shadows and markings on the stone.

Glake stane


Lime Kiln

Coal and dross brought by cart from Killochan Pit was used in the burning of limestone in this kiln. On the return journey the lime was taken to Girvan station, the round trip taking about 12 hours.