The PPCC have been working on areas, in our community which have had littering events, it has now been agreed to move the waste bin in Pinmore [Dinvin Road] to be next to the Bus Stop to prevent littering, this has successfully been carried out by the Waste Management Team at South Ayrshire Council.

We noticed that there was no waste bin in Pinwherry, and after successfully lobbying the Waste Management Team through our Link Officer Chris Campbell, it has been agreed by South Ayrshire Council to have a new waste bin placed at Pinwherry bus stop.

The PPCC rapidly dealt with a fly tipping event in Pinmore, and again with the help of our Link Officer Chris Campbell we have supplied information to South Ayrshire Council, and have been informed that there was a fixed penalty notice (FPN) or fine issued to the person caught dumping the builders waste, The fine has also been paid.

The Community Council are currently trying to arrange litter picks in both villages and if anyone would like to volunteer please do so via the ‘Contact Us‘ link