Police Scotland


Just had a disturbing report from the Cumnock area. 5 Cows, in calf have been stolen from Changue, Cumnock.

They are as follows:

Red and white Holstein
White and red spot Ayrshire Cow
Black and white Ayrshire cow
2 Red and white Ayrshire cows

Folks, these would have required transport of some kind.
The thefts happened between the 16th and 23rd November.

Has anyone seen anything suspicious around these dates, has anyone been offered these animals alive or dead?
We need to be extra vigilant here. If anyone can give us any information please let me know and I will pass it on.

There was also 1 black Limousin cross and a chocolate Aberdeen Angus stolen from the Irvine area in September.
I hope this is not a new trend.

Graeme G Gordon
Wild Life Crime Liaison Officer
“Rural Watch” Administrator
Community Policing Unit
Maybole Police Office
44 Ladylands Road
Tel. 101