135 invitations were posted out to all the community 43 residents attended plus our 3 local elected councillor.

Linked here is the response and comments from the two survey forms completed by those attending.

The survey asking what the community feel is needed in the community have been forwarded to Pinwherry & Pinmore Community Council for their discussion at the next council meeting.

Regarding the consultations on a new community facility, 30 people see the need for a new fit for purpose community facility.

There was much discussion on the size of a new facility and its viability; there were suggestions of using part of the Pinwherry School building as a meeting place.

When John McAlley and Peter Walker met with the Big Lottery, one of their concerns is that any project must be viable and able to financially support its self this also will apply also to other funders.

The current Pinwherry hall is managed and financed by South Ayrshire Council and supported by Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Association, and through the Association, local voluntary organisations use the hall free of charge. If SAC change, their policy and charge the Association for the electricity used at the hall how will local groups manage to pay for the use of the hall. Currently the hall built in 19 lacks any form of insulation, no disabled access, disabled toilets and car parking.

The 2 Pins Community Company’s aim was to build a new fit for purpose community facility. Incorporating the most up to date insulation, solar panels to reduce the running costs, income generation from the hire of the sports hall and café and run larger community / commercial events. An indoor children’s play area also an outdoor play park.

The following questions need to be answered by the community

  • If it is the wish of the community to a smaller hall built. How will it be funded?
  • How will it be made financially viable ? i.e. income generation, running costs management.

It is not a decision to be made by the 2 Pins Board of Directors BUT by the Community.

So the community are urged to come along to the next 2 Pins Meeting on the 8th June at 7.30 in Pinwherry Hall if any decisions are to be made on a new community facility.