The results of the community survey of residents in Pinwherry and Colmonell have been analysed and passed on to SAYLSA.

The survey asked the community questions on local Bus and rail usage, and the majority are in favour of better local transport links both bus services and a rail halt at Pinwherry.

In order to better understand local travel needs the 2 Pins conducted this as a travel survey in partnership with SAYLSA for the local communities in Pinwherry and Colmonell.

A Rail Halt at Pinwherry has the support of both Colmonell and Pinwherry and Pinmore Community Councils, We believe a Rail Halt at Pinwherry would have major benefits to our residents, future visitors and tourists.

The survey was not aiming in any way to prejudge what type of public transport enhancement might be provided this includes rail and bus, so was not meant to be biased towards a road or rail based solution.

Any proposals to improve public transport provision must go through a process known as STAG (Scottish Transport Appraisal Guidance).  This survey is not a STAG study but would help in the preliminary work should one be undertaken in the future.

We now await SAYLA forwarding this survey on to Transport Scotland and hopefully further discussions.

Download the Survey Results here: Survey-results-21-1-16 (pdf)