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My family history research
The Cuthbertson family

My great-grandparents James and Jane Cuthbertson lived at Drumspillan Cottage in Pinwherry at the time of Jane’s death in 1927.  James died in 1947 aged 93 years and was living at that time opposite his former home, at Duiskfoot.   James was a shepherd.  They had 5 sons and 3 daughters.  Their 4th son, Allan Scott was my grandfather and he died in France in 1918.  His wife, Margaret Templeton also came from near Pinwherry.  They had 2 sons, William Templeton born 1915 and James Allan, my father born 1917.

Although my father was born in Ayrshire, he was brought up in Perthshire.  He served in the Royal Air Force and settled in Wiltshire where my brother and I were born and brought up.  We spend many family holidays in Crieff.  I had my first visit to Ayrshire only a few years ago and found the cottage where my father was born in Ochiltree.  I also wandered around Pinwherry and spotted the locations I had found during my family history research.

Many things from my research have interested me.

My great-grandmother Jane was named at birth Sherry Jane, she was the illegitimate daughter of Sarah McMurray.  She was brought up by her grandparents, James and Sarah McMurray and was living with them at Upper Mill, Straiton in 1861.  In later life she used Sherry as her surname and is referred to as Jane Sherry on her marriage registration and for the births of her children.

My great-aunt Margaret (known as Maggie) Jane Cuthbertson was married on 14 February 1915 at Barrhill to William McQuaker, a chauffeur who worked for John Cathcart Wason MP.  In early 1918, Maggie and William McQuaker lived at Old School House, Pinwherry.  In 1933 when William died, he was still a chauffeur and they lived at Glenduisk, Pinwherry.  Who was he working for then?

My grandfather, Allan Scott Cuthbertson was a Gamekeeper and lived at Killochside, Ochiltree when he married in 1914 until his death in 1918.  Who did he work for there?

I wonder if anyone could provide any further information about my family.  I would be most interested to hear anything.

Sheila Gibbings (nee Cuthbertson)