As a young Canadian girl of 11 I visited Pinwherry with my parents in 1949. Visiting my Mom’s brother Jimmie McCreadie.

He was a retired train engineer. Their wee house was way up on a hill that looked down on the railway. When the train was coming it would blow it’s whistle in a special way & we would go out with white cloths waving to the Engineer. I also remember walking to the farm near by to get milk with Uncle Jimmie’s dog Pedro. I also remember going out on the hill gathering mushrooms for mushroom wine.

I also had the great opportunity for a young girl to have dinner in the station house. The Station Master was my Aunt Jennie’s brother. My husband & I visited in 1994 and tried to find the house but no luck.

Oh what great memories I have of Pinwherry.

Elizabeth – July 2014