Please can you help?

I have been contacted by a doctor at Glasgow University who is looking for information related to events in Colmonell in 1975 / 1976.

Rev Hay Hamilton at Colmonell Church wrote and produced “The Pageant of Colmonell” in 1975 and then “The Cavalcade of Colmonell”. In 1976 the Community Association put on the Colmonell Exhibition.

Do you have any related photos or information that I could copy for the researcher please? In the future the researcher might also like to come and talk to people who remember these events. If you would be willing to meet her I’ll get in touch with you nearer the time.

It would be good to have all this information as a history resource for the area and perhaps we could put on another exhibition in the future. Please pass this on to anyone you think might help.

If you can help please contact me through the website email address:

Claire Pirrie
Kirk Session Clerk
St Colmon Parish Church

View of Colmonell