What a great day! We raised £470 and many thanks to Jill McAlley for organising the event and the SWRI ladies for all tea, coffee and baking. Not forgetting all the members of the Pinwherry Community Association and 2 Pins Company for all their hard work in making the day a success.

Comments from stall holders were that many of them sold more on our craft day than they did at a bigger local event and they would like to come back to Pinwherry next time.

Here is a poem:

2 Pins

2 Pins community is the place to be
And the surrounding views you simply must see
I heard of a craft fair and found the old hall
It was a cold chilly day, at the start of fall
Warm and inviting it looked to me
Buzzing and friendly it welcomed me!

Tea and cake and crafts galore
I wish I had more money, more, more, more!!
But the best thing about this place you will see
Is the people and how lovely they are to me!
I don’t live nearby but visit a lot
And when I walked in –oh the hugs I got!

So thank you 2 Pins for community spirit
A big pat on the back you deserve the merit!

An anonymous friend xxx