Ayrshire Red Squirrel Group is delighted to announce that funding provided by Carrick Futures and Hadyard Hill Community Benefit Companies has enabled a new position of Carrick Grey Squirrel Control Officer to be created.  The post-holder is Joram Smit, shown below.


Originally from Holland, Joram studied forestry and conservation for 3 years before moving to Scotland.  He has succeeded in learning the practical parts of wildlife management and has climbed the ladder from under-gamekeeper to head gamekeeper. He has 13 years experience in wild life management on both low and high ground, throughout Scotland.

Joram is married and lives in Kirkoswald.  In his spare time he enjoys salmon fishing and tying salmon flies.

Joram is employed by Ayrshire Rivers Trust and is responsible for developing and implementing strategies to tackle the invasive grey squirrel population to benefit the native red squirrel strongholds of South Carrick. This will be achieved through the collaborative effort of residents, volunteers and landowners.

Help Save Ayrshire’s Red Squirrels


“How you can you help….”    Join us!….

We rely heavily on volunteers to:

Report sightings of all red and grey squirrels:

This is vitally important. Reporting your sightings of both red and grey squirrels enables Ayrshire Red Squirrel Group (ARSG) to monitor the locations of our local red squirrel populations and to pinpoint where reds are at risk. Whether you see squirrels in your garden, or when you are out and about within our area, we are very interested to hear about your sightings. Sightings are recorded on the ARSG squirrel distribution map. To record your sighting:

  • Access  www.ayrshireredsquirrels.org.uk on the web
  • Press “What can you do?”
  • Scroll down page to “sightings”
  • Complete the “record sheet”
  • Press “send” at foot of the sheet


If you are interested in any of the following activities please contact Joram on
01292-521223, 07415-257385, or Email: joram@ayrshireriverstrust.org.

  • Surveying and monitoring red and grey squirrels
  • Making and monitoring squirrel feed boxes
  • Trapping grey squirrels
  • Culling grey squirrels
  • Taking blood samples from grey squirrels for squirrel pox virus testing

    Full training will be given for our volunteers

  • Raising awareness at local shows  events and meetings
  • Putting up posters/distributing sightings postcards
  • Distribute collecting tins in local businesses

Squirrel Signs?

Did you know that Pinwherry and Pinmore have adopted the native red squirrel as its community branding? Watch out for strategically placed red squirrel signs in our area

The Stinchar Valley Magazine will report “squirrel developments” in future quarterly editions.