We should introduce ourselves:
I am Elizabeth, husband Anwar and twin boys age 14years. We are the family who purchased SIXPENCE LAND (where the caravan is)

Our aim is to keep you all up to date with our progress. A diary come BLOG….

It was lashing with rain the day we looked at Sixpence Land. The rain was soaking us through to the bone and the wind was howling. HONESTLY.

Why were we here anyway? I thought, looking at a muddy field. We should be viewing properties to ‘do up’.

I looked at my husband with a sort of pleading, hoping he could read my mind. “Lets go, I have seen enough”. Were we mad to even consider buying this? I was wet and frozen and I NEEDED a cup of tea.

My husband, who has the patience of a Saint, was chatting away with the landowner. I am very lucky to have met my husband. He sees the good in everyone. And those of you who know him will agree? What a blessing !

A two minute break in the weather was very welcoming, a little sunshine can work wonders? Its surprising how little time it takes for one’s life to be changed. A wonderful thing happened in that brief respite. I began to look around us at the views.

The breath taking rolling hills, the magnificent scenery, a few houses dotted here and there. This was Scotland which we loved, in all it’s Glory. Views to compare with anywhere in the world.

Of course we bought this ‘muddy field’. But somehow in that moment it became more than a muddy field. It became our hopes and dreams, hopes of our little Tea Room and our Flower Garden. This was just the beginning.

We were soon on a journey. A wonderful journey, in parallel with our lives. Swings and Roundabouts. Yes, that was it – Swings and Roundabouts.
We thanked God. Sixpence Land was ours.

I hope you’ve enjoyed meeting us all and hearing how we started. Next time I’d like to tell you about our Ties with Ayrshire.


Sixpence Land 4

Sixpence Land 3

Sixpence Land 2

Sixpence Land 1